Since forming in 2012 Pen etc has hosted exhibitions internationally for a variety of artists. Covering group shows, retrospectives, fairs, and solo showcases Pen etc aims to confidently, and competently showcase artists’ work both in the traditional gallery sense, as well as pushing the boundaries of curatorial restrictions. The editions we publish aim to reinforce our passion for haptic quality within the art industry; the presence of the artist should be felt. 


featured exhibitions:

vienna showcase, palais schönborn, vienna, austria, 2013

rooftops, site specific, kingston upon thames, england, 2014

a selection of new collages and illustrations by kerr mcilwraith, mosaic galleries, kingston upon thames, england, 2014

Pen etc presents, The Old Town Hall Gallery, suffolk, england, 2013

defragmented, 5th base, london, england, 2013

pen etc, slackspace, colchester, england, 2012

ben giles pop up exhibition, norwich, england, 2012

a photography exhibition curated by perry james-sugden, america square, london, 2013

pen etc presents, oxford international art fair, oxford, england, 2016